Awaken. When did you forget your inner power?


Find clarity. Find direction. Set boundaries in and around relationships. Let go of the stories. Get out of your head and into your body. Heal your heart. Embody the feminine law of attraction to embrace the radiance of prosperity. Speak with power, truth and projection. 


Awaken by The Ritual is a 40-Day journey for Women. A powerfully supportive culmination of all that I have created, practised, embodied and learned, Awaken was birthed from a rich tapestry of modalities including Kundalini, Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, Wicca, Elemental Medicine, Women's Mysteries, Counselling and Mentoring. Through this woven offering, it is my honour and commitment to guide each woman back to their inner throne.


Awaken by The Ritual uses the senses to embody creative expression and expansion. This unique four-week journey personalises the ancient transformational tool of ritual. Embrace the careful creation of tailored self-care rituals as foundational healing tools. Through personal ritual, honour your divinity and sovereignty. Realign with the power and vision you were born with. 


Delivered through down to earth mentorship, the course is divided into four stages of transformation. 


Stage One - The Mystery

Stage Two - The Mastery

Stage Three - The Reverence 

Stage Four - The Awakening


Combining sacred technologies, feminine and archetypal wisdom, Awaken by The Ritual is a pledge to your evolution. It is a guided reclamation of the royal blood of Woman that runs through your veins. It is a reclamation for the future of your female lineage. 


Join us to birth a new world.

The Details



The Course is a monthly membership. We’ve significantly reduced the price in order to give you more time to go through the work. In order to integrate, as this isn’t a course to rush through. Rather, it’s designed to work at your pace, whenever you’re ready to start, pause, or move forward. 

Upon signing up, you will have access to (four workbooks with educational content & exercises, daily meditations & self practice and four video workshops so you can see what lays ahead of you. We’ll connect live, twice per month, in the form of a Community Meeting, so we can go over questions, blocks and collective energetic updates. As a member, you'll have access to all current and past community meetings.


You can start (and stop) any time, the Journey is yours and only you know when you’ve integrated. Our goal is to support you to becoming your fullest most empowered and integrated self.

I am so thrilled that you are here wanting to invest in you. This journey is a powerful opportunity for transformation and growth. 

Join me on this transformational journey with a powerful group of women from all around the world.

- Brooke

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