Ritual Kits


In order to reach the subtle realm of ether where we are by nature boundless, we must first set a firm foundation on the Earth. Our lives are filled with opportunities to set intentions and shift our perspectives. Even the simplest acts can be infused with meaning if we allow them to. The Ritual Kits are where you begin to cultivate that connection to yourself and the Earth, to invite balance, meaning  and presence into your life.

The art of sacred Ritual holds the long-discarded shards of our stories, of our fears, of our hopes, of our desires, of our secrets and our intentions all, encompassed, together, as one unbroken complete circle. Ritual takes these very aspects of our self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy, it contains the adaptability and the strength, to hold and contain that which we can not with thought alone. - Brooke, The Ritual.