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Psychic Sleep


  Full Moon

This Full Moon Workshop includes:

- Introduction to the Full Moon video

- Full Moon Astrology recording

- Psychic Sleep Guided Meditation recording.

- Suggested Journal Prompts

- Full Moon Prayers

- Full Moon alter/offering suggestions


What is Psychic Sleep?


Also known as Yoga Nidra or Sleep Yoga. It is a guided journey of deep relaxation through guided prompts within your awareness, this places you in a lucid dreaming like state where transformation and deep relaxation can commence.  A single 30 minutes of Psychic Sleep is equivalent to hours of deep sleep. During this meditation, you will be laying down or sitting (whichever is most comfortable for you) and guided on a journey to support your body to come to a complete resting state. In this state, you are not asleep but not quite awake. The goal throughout this journey is to tap into the subconscious, the innate self and allow profound transformation and healing to begin.


Think of this Full Moon journey as a monthly opportunity to gift yourself with the most nourishing, restorative rest so you can be more present and energised in your life.


Delivery: All contents of this workshop will be emailed to you no later than the 26th January 10pm AEDT. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

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  New Moon

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a free monthly online gathering to hold space for mothers


"The Divine is known on Earth through the Mother. The Goddess manifests through her. The essence of a mother is a living divinity. Every woman is born with the essence and capacity of the mother. With or without children, her presence and prayers nurture the planet. Woman as the mother is an endless ocean of love, capable of sacrificing beyond infinity. She shares her limitless unconditional love with everyone she encounters".


Born out of a deep longing for connection and support after years of feeling alone and unsupported on the journey of matrescence, The Chalice emerged.


Caring for small ones can be challenging at the best of times, especially when we live in a society that has excluded the Mother for so long. In 2022 we see the title mother being removed from birth certificates in some states across the globe and replaced with titles like Birth Person, but a Mother is so much more than bringing a child into the world. A mother is not limited to only those who have grown and birthed a child, she is one who cares for another. She is one who selflessly loves unconditionally time after time after time.


The Mother is the centre of the community, the wise one, the witch, the healer. She is the tender loving fragrance that perfumes all she touches.


The Chalice is a community for all those who identify with the mother archetype and wish to be supported by other like-minded souls and navigate through the ebbs and flows of life and embody the water, the river, the tide you truly are.


Allow this community to be the beginning of a new wave, a new collective that holds you up, praises you, wipes your tears and comforts you. Allow The Chalice to be the Mother to you as you are to your community, for you are the Universe itself. You are The Chalice.



We join in circle on the 11th Day of the Moon each month to sit in circle, share and off load, practice ritual and meditation.

You will also be shared a private part of the website that contained resources, reading lists and free content to support the journey Matresence.



The Chalice is a free offering for all those that identify with the archetype of the mother and currently care for children of all ages.