The Art of Ritual

The Art of Ritual gives us, and the elements that touch our lives, a sense of meaning and connection and allows us to feel in control of our own lives. By engaging with personalised rituals that tend to our ever-evolving needs, we can provide a sense of connection for ourselves wherever we are on our journey, linking our internal and external worlds.

To me, ritual is self-care with intention and it seeks sensuality in order to be sustained. In this way, ritual invokes the senses and creates powerful feelings of mirth, pleasure, love, sacredness, peace, radiance, reverence and respect within. So instead of routine to bring about change, I have chosen and choose to use ritual.

This exercise asks a series of questions to help establish what your unique interpretation of ritual is. The answers from each question will be workshopped into a personally tailored self-care practice that you will incorporate into your life over the coming weeks.


Take time to slow down, take deep breaths and connect with the first words that come to mind and write down your answers in your journal.


In your own words, what is Ritual?


When thinking of the word, Ritual, what 

          WORD comes to mind? 

          OBJECT comes to mind? 

          COLOUR comes to mind? 

          TEXTURE comes to mind? 

          FEELING comes to mind? 

          SPACE or part of your HOME comes to mind? 


What are three Rituals or self-practices that you currently/commonly practice?


Name three different Rituals or self-practices that interest you and that you feel inspired to incorporate into your daily/weekly/monthly practice… 


List Rituals or self-practices that you associate with the following places/spaces: 






Which of theses places and practices feels most calming to you? Identify it. 


Identify one physical product or ritual aid that you associate with this place and practice. 


What is it about this physical product or ritual that elevates this practice? 

Taking the answers to the questions in this exercise, begin to weave them together to curate ideas of a Ritual for you to implement into your life.

The Art of Sacred Ritual reminds us that we are whole in ourselves and it allows us to invoke the sacred goddess within where she is safe to be, to guide us, and where we open up space to listen. 

Ritual and intention is the essence of alchemy. It is through Ritual that our transformation begins.