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Find clarity and direction—set boundaries in and around relationships. Let go of the stories and get out of your head and into your body. Heal your heart. Embody the feminine law of attraction to embrace the radiance of prosperity. Speak with power, truth and projection. Begin to live the life you deserve and desire. 


With her devotion to female empowerment, Brooke draws on a vast range of modalities including Kundalini yoga, Psychotherapy, Wicca, Neurobiology and her practice Awaken by The Ritual™ to guide each Woman back to her inner throne. Her down to earth mentorship reconnects each Woman to the divine feminine essence within, reminding us that the royal blood of Woman runs through our veins. 


As each person is unique, each session is tailored specifically for those seeking guidance, direction, clarity, empowerment, or looking for the courage to make significant shifts in their lives. Brooke draws on her intuitive guidance to read a person and hear between the lines of what they are seeking. She helps pinpoint areas that allow us to blossom and expand energetically and support a woman’s unique and personal journey from the foundations up. 


As you share the areas in your life, you desire change or understanding, Brooke encourages you to connect to your feelings, to become present in the body to find clarity. This presence brings awareness to the emotions we are feeling within the experience. It is in this space where creation is born.

“Brooke’s one : one sessions are supportive and profoundly transformative. She creates a sacred space in which you can open up, peeling back the layers of any burden, trauma, or old story that has been held within our sacred being.”


With each session, each Woman becomes more refined. She begins to understand the underlying feelings that have continually amplified the stories she has repeated to herself and the paradigms, and beliefs that held her back from living in her power and from her truth. Brooke welcomes the confusion and trauma-based distractions that have overtaken a woman’s behaviour and guides them step by step to understanding themselves and their patterns within the sphere they seek guidance in.


Within each session, Brooke provides: 

- Mentoring to allow women to unleash their creative potential

- Guidance and support within relationships (love and otherwise) and family constellations

- Coaching and clarity to birth new projects

- Support with branding and identity

- Life and business coaching/mentoring

- Help and support in conceptualising an idea

- Working through self-doubt and self-worth

- Discovering who you truly are

- Guidance to connect with earth-based spirituality

- Intuitive guidance and readings

- The tools one may need to heal oneself with energetic medicine.

- Creating rituals and self-practice in daily life


At the end of each session, there is a daily practice component and specific homework designed by and unique to each Woman to do between sessions in order for each Woman to be held accountable and bring about real, tangible change within the various aspects of her life. From this clearing and depth of understanding, women begin to understand their worth, how valuable their ideas are, and to trust their intuitive guidance. 


Brooke’s clientèle is vast and includes women from all walks of life. She has helped guide actresses, screenwriters, authors, doctors, recording artists, emergency service officers, artists, fellow spiritual teachers and creatives find clarity and meaning in their desires and themselves to bring success and prosperity in business and life. 


Embrace with joy the limitless life that is your birth-right and book a session to witness your transformation and to discover the unique power within you. 

Private Session

Private Session


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