Ritual Smoke


The signature scent of The Ritual.

Resin is the lifeblood of the tree, healing wounds and afflictions whilst protecting against infection. Whether in ritual, in ceremony, or throughout our homes and sacred spaces, when we burn resin we activate these protective, healing properties for ourselves. 


The dried sap of the 'Boswellia Tree', traditionally originating in Oman, Yemen and the Horn of Africa it helps to remove low and negative vibrations from our energy field and physical body. Frankincense supports the creation of new perspectives based on truth and light. It is the remover of darkness from one's mind, from one's heart, it will help draw you closer to your divinity, to the healthy balance of masculinity and assertion within. It will help reveal your truth, your inner light, ground you, deepen your levels of prayer, of meditation. Frankincense will remind you that you are never alone or abandoned, you are always loved, you are always protected. This is how it is known for supporting one's attachment to the energy of the father. Frankincense is the ultimate protector. It is the grandfather of resins, it is our container for vastness.