"You are the Universe, and everything in and around you flows with ease and grace harmoniously as one, as a magnificent dance of your own creation."


Women are created in absolute completion. Not only are we capable of birthing life, but we are also the creators of projects, ideas, concepts, philosophies and theories. One continuous chain of vastness and energy, we are creators constantly creating life with every step we take.


We are the ultimate vessels of creativity, but oftentimes we forget our power. This ritual helps release negative self-talk, self-doubt, instability and stress by summoning grounding energies and deep self-love. It instils calm and supportive energies that invite you to invoke the sacred feminine—supporting you in becoming a powerfully creative force that designs her life trusting in her unique fluidity, reverence, and royalty.


The Creator Ritual Kit was hand-crafted with intention and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It includes hand-blended organic herbal 'Bath Tea' and the essentials to perform the ritual with a written invocation to instil calm, supportive energies and empowerment.

  • Anointing Oil

    The 'Anointing Oil' is part of the Ritual experience to help you connect with your third eye and heart chakra. This oil is hand-blended and infused with organic herbs to bring about a sense of calm through sensory awareness throughout the ritual.


    Ingredients: Organic, biodynamic Australian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with organic calendula flowers, organic frankincense, myrrh, chamomile and blue lotus petals for six moon cycles.

    If you are pregnant or have existing sensitivities, please consult your practitioner before use.


  • Hand Blended Bath Tea

    This hand-blended herbal 'Bath Tea' is part of the ritual experience to help instil calm energies and deep relaxation. It is made from organic therapeutic grade ingredients and for external use only.


    Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic chamomile, organic passionflower, organic damiana, organic mugwort and organic rose petals.


    Not to be ingested, for external use only. If you are pregnant or have sensitivities, please consult your practitioner before use.

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