The Ritual is a place for expansion, for self-awareness and for elevation. Offering carefully curated and handcrafted ritual kits and events to enhance your self-practice by women for women.

The Ritual is an online community for Women and all things ceremonial, embracing the art of luxuriating through connection to your divinity and the senses through physical ritual practices, online events, courses and retail curations. The Ritual is here to empower you through the acceptance of self, self-care and mindfulness, awakening every facet of the ever-evolving sacred you.

"As a woman I have had my fair share of adversities, I have swum through the trenches and been frozen by my own traumas, they once defined who I was, how I behaved, who I associated with and even the way I looked. In order to process and move on from the adversities I faced, I learned very intelligently how to disassociate, how to disconnect from my body, to become numb and one hell of a tough bitch. It was my way of self-protection. The past 10 years have been about refinement, education and reconnecting with my senses, my body, my Sacred Feminine. From all this learning, repatterning and self-liberation I have found the importance of Ritual. This is why I have created this platform for women, to awaken, to deepen their connection to self and connect with the parts that we as a collective have had to swallow so deep just to survive.

I see you, I hear you, I respect you, Welcome to The Ritual."

What is Ritual?


The art of sacred Ritual holds the long-discarded shards of our stories, of our fears, of our hopes, of our desires, of our secrets and our intentions all, encompassed, together, as one unbroken complete circle. Ritual takes these very aspects of our self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy, it contains the adaptability and the strength, to hold and contain that which we can not with thought alone. - Brooke, The Ritual.