About The Founder

Brooke Portrait.jpg

Founder of The Ritual, Brooke Skinner, has spent over a decade researching and gathering resources to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit. Working within the Fashion industry, she found herself in complete burnout mode, chronically ill and undergoing life-saving surgery. This grey period in her life inspired a deepening of her neurobiology studies, psychotherapy, herbalism, energy work and kundalini yoga. Combining all her knowledge established a deep desire to bridge the gap between spirituality and science. 


Now a renowned teacher and trainer within the spiritual community, Brooke continues to help support others in returning to the sacredness within and empowering others through the art of luxuriating and ritual. Her philosophy is that when we are acquainted with our inner mystery, and when we choose to slow down moments within our daily lives, we begin to understand that we are the one who creates our reality. Within our lives, there are so many opportunities to set intentions and shift our perspectives. From the simplest acts to the most desired, they can all be infused with meaning if we allow them to be.

“It is my intention that we all return to the sacredness within and know the incredible vastness we hold, the art of ritual is the vessel that supports us in cultivating that connection. Let this be your invitation to honour the power and grace within. Ritual takes these very aspects of our Self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy- it contains the adaptability and the strength to hold and contain that which we can not with thought alone. May you be seen, heard, valued and respected.” - Brooke