About the Teacher

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Brooke has spent over a decade researching and gathering resources to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit. Working within the Fashion industry as a designer, stylist and creative director for multiple brands and international magazines she found herself in complete burnout mode, chronically ill and facing major life-saving surgery at only 26 years of age. It was this downfall that sent her to further deepen her knowledge and study in neurobiology, psychotherapy, herbalism, energy healing, Wicca and kundalini yoga with the desire of bridging the gap between spirituality and science. These studies and practice completely changed her life, outlook and perspective and made the commitment to spend the rest of this life sharing what she has learned, and the powerful technology globally.

After choosing to relocate back home to Australia from living in Europe and the UK Brooke opened Byron Bays first kundalini yoga centre, Sat Nam Institute. Sharing her resources over a few years she learned that there was a deeper, powerful combination that she was seeing such dramatic change, the combination of kundalini yoga and ritual. She realised her life was moving into a more streamlined, concentrated direction and birthed the next chapter, The Ritual through workshops, kits and education.


Brooke is now a renowned teacher and trainer within the spiritual and mental health community with her no fluff, straight-talking sense of humour. Her classes and workshops help crack the conditionings placed on us and to unleash ones divine infinite self.

"Because we have healed from these traumas does not mean we are free, it means it is our responsibility to uplift, love and support one another so they too can heal. We all have stories, and we all have pain. When we gather together in ritual we ignite the sacredness within our core to hold and support each other in an unstoppable way!" - Brooke Skinner