Moon Mail


Moon Mail is a monthly digital letter with guidance and insight for the new moon and full moon of that month. It has all the information and ritual guidance needed to get you through the a full lunar cycle (one month).

Why do we sent Moon Mail on the New Moon? The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle a time for us to begin anew, set our intentions and get clear on what we wish to summon into our lives. Inside each monthly edition is a carefully curated set of intentions and affirmations, meditation practice and astrological guidance. It is a living transmission to support you in connecting to the Sacredness within.


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"Upon receiving Moon Mail for the first time, I was deeply moved with the attention to detail and felt a sense of connection to The Ritual community. I understand now why they are called The Ritual, there is a deep sense of feeling and emotion that comes from the way everything is packaged to the way the Moon Mail is written and explained. The insight and self-practice suggestions were amazing and really nurtured me to be more supportive of myself.

I can not wait for my next edition and to see what other magic these two incredibly talented woman offer. What a magnificent way to connect with a global community, so much care and detail for such little financial cost.

"Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour cette belle offrande."

Thank you for your magic, Sarah - Paris France. x