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Psychic Sleep


  Full Moon

This Full Moon Workshop includes:

- Introduction to the Full Moon video

- Full Moon Astrology recording

- Psychic Sleep Guided Meditation recording.

- Suggested Journal Prompts

- Full Moon Prayers

- Full Moon alter/offering suggestions


What is Psychic Sleep?


Also known as Yoga Nidra or Sleep Yoga. It is a guided journey of deep relaxation through guided prompts within your awareness, this places you in a lucid dreaming like state where transformation and deep relaxation can commence.  A single 30 minutes of Psychic Sleep is equivalent to hours of deep sleep. During this meditation, you will be laying down or sitting (whichever is most comfortable for you) and guided on a journey to support your body to come to a complete resting state. In this state, you are not asleep but not quite awake. The goal throughout this journey is to tap into the subconscious, the innate self and allow profound transformation and healing to begin.


Think of this Full Moon journey as a monthly opportunity to gift yourself with the most nourishing, restorative rest so you can be more present and energised in your life.


Delivery: All contents of this workshop will be emailed to you no later than the 26th January 10pm AEDT. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

in Pisces Workshop


  New Moon

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live ceremony + digital monthly workshop


Moon worship is Feminine worship. The Moon is darkness and light. She is birth and rebirth. She is the duality that we hold within ourselves as women. She is my compass for inner power and reflection; it is with the awareness of her influence on us, on our emotions, flavoured by her astrological passages, that I invite her guidance. Following the Moon cycles through Ritual is an opportunity to slow down, to discover the subtleties and the mysteries within you, to connect with your reverence away from all of the societal chatter.


"Doing Brooke's New Moon Rituals each month has completely changed my relationship to myself and with those around me. Each time it gives me the reflection I need to be honest with myself of where I have been and where I want to go. I have never come across someone as easy to understand, where there is no dogma, teach magical things but at the same time your have this deep lightening bulb moment she is making you laugh. Anything she does is very powerful, she really does walk her talk and is the real deal".


"I found The Ritual on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the beautiful feed, but soon realised this beauty ran much deeper than just curated images with empowering quotes. Beauty is in everything Brooke does, it is captivating and mesmerising. Watching her on camera is like you have met that best friend you have been dreaming off, someone who is hilarious, beautiful, sassy and sharp but completely loving, supportive and encouraging and you know she has your back. This is the only way I can describe her presence. Brooke I wish you all the success in the world, you have supported me to be my own healer and move through so much sh*t in such an enjoyable and beautiful way.