Boundaries are one of the most important things we can apply in our lives, they are how we state what is ok and what is not ok. What I have learned after facilitating events for over a decade is the importance of group agreements, without them we would all be projecting our messy shit onto one another and no healing would take place. Have you ever attended and event and left feeling inadequate, confused or simply exhausted? Most likely the container was not held with firm boundaries. Just like we need both hands on the wheel to drive safely and straight so does a teacher need to hold onto a space and keep guiding it in a forward momentum. This container is for you to feel safe, seen and heard without feeling regret, I am here to hold that space to unburden what has been weighing you down and feel the love and support of others to nurture and honour your journey thus far. Meet these agreements with reverence and honour them in all areas of your life and see how your reality shifts.

Number One...


When you give advice, you unconsciously send the message that the other person doesn't have the resources to find the solution to their problem. Instead, listen deeply. If someone has asked for your help and suggestions on a matter, please only speak from experience using language such as, "I am sorry you are experiencing that and thank you for asking for support. When I experienced XYZ this helped me...".

Number Two...


By gossiping and complaining, you deplete your power. You fall into a negative feedback loop of criticism and victimisation, instantly pushing your power further away. Should you wish to share an experience, simply state the facts of what happened without dwelling on the situation.

Number Three...



No matter how another person may behave or react towards you, begin to see the other person's reaction as a reflection of their own emotional maturity. How you react or behave reflects your level of emotional maturity. So instead of pointing the finger, find space in your heart to have empathy for another person. You don't have to love the person but in your mind, think, "how sad it is for them to be so angry" when we replace resentment with empathy, healing begins. The power of shame and guilt is removed and we remain Sovereign.

Number Four...



Everything that is shared and discussed within this container is confidential and only intended for those within the group. In no way are screenshots or sharing of information to be shared. In order for people to feel safe we all need to respect we come from different walks of life and backgrounds, some of us are very private people whilst others are very out spoken. When a group of Women come together from all walks of life it can be quite a mixed bag of personalities which weaves a beautifully coloured tapestry together. However, I ask that before we share something with the group we ask ourselves the following questions:


- Is what I am about to share of positive nature?

- Does this information I am about to share contribute to the groups intentions?

- Am I projecting myself into this group to be seen and heard or am I wanting to share from a place of self worth and reverence ?