The Mystery School



Remember who you are on a conscious and subconscious level. Be guided in these private one on one sessions to align with what your true purpose is - honouring your talents, your passions and your desires to be who you need to be and live how you want to live. An Intuitive Session is a soul awakening and spiritual mentoring, connecting only with your highest good.


An Intuitive Session is a supported healing modality created by Brooke Skinner designed to empower you through life and gain deeper clarity. Brooke is a big advocate for guiding people to realise that everything they desire and need is within.


Although Brooke does not like to call herself a psychic, she connects to her claircognizance and clairsentient abilities. This intuitive guidance helps to read a person and hear between the lines to pinpoint areas that allow us to blossom and expand energetically and physically, supporting your journey from the foundations up. 


All sessions are ONLINE and held via ZOOM. We recommend preparing for your Intuitive Session by reflecting on your intention, including anything that may be coming up for you in life at this time.


Some homework and self-practice will be suggested at the end of each session to support your healing journey further. Brooke’s clientèle is vast and includes men and women from all walks of life. She has helped guide actresses, screenwriters, authors, doctors, recording artists, emergency service officers, artists, fellow spiritual teachers and creatives to find clarity and meaning in their desires and bring success and prosperity in business and life. 


Embrace with joy the limitless life that is your birthright and book an Intuitive Session to witness your transformation and to discover the unique power within you.