Journey with the seasons through earth-based-spirituality, ritual and ceremony and allow wounds be bloomed into wisdom.

For centuries women have been ripped apart by the hands of others as well as by ourselves. Our personalities have been conditioned to become disconnected from our most Earthly ancestral knowledge and society has given us a limited conceptualisation of who and what a woman is. I am here to remind you that there is no one representation of the feminine and this medium is designed to guide you as you explore and define the unique feminine within you. The days of disconnectedness are over. We must begin anew.


"Don't be the Magician, be the Magic."
- Leonard Cohen

Hello beautiful person,

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for landing here on what is my life assignment. It would be my absolute honour to be on this journey with you and share these life-changing, sacred practices and teachings.


I have designed The Mystery School as a medium to support you on your journey to reclaim your Sovereignty and Power. It has evolved a lot over the past year. What started as a 40-day course has grown into an expansive online chalice of knowledge, practices, classes and tools and has been shared with hundreds of women from around the world. There are many different limbs to The Ritual, but this is my pride and joy; this platform is what I wake up for every day. It brings me the deepest healing on my own journey and the most profound reverence to be able to share all the things I have learned, studied, integrated and practised over the years.


You see, I once was a serial studier, searching for answers to convince my caregiver that they were wrong. I had absolutely no self-worth and self-respect. I was shamed, ridiculed, severely neglected and had my very own existence gaslighted. I knew that if I could learn something nobody I knew had, I could escape and be something more than just my abuse and living reality - I could create a new one. So as soon as I could leave home, I did. At 17 years old, I left and earned money modelling, making coffee, sneaking into nightclubs and being a paid 'club kid' I could not only feed myself, but I could pay for that course, the next subject, discover a new existence. I was searching to convince others I was not insignificant, that I could make something out of my life, all on my own. Years rolled by, and so did the degrees, most of which I did not finish. I would learn what I needed to in each field and when I got bored, I would jump to something else; this included: Medicine, Health Science, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Neurobiology, Social Work and Western Herbal Medicine.

Fast forward to a decade later, and I was yet again fighting for my life, riddled with septicemia, a severe infection of the blood and was told I only had three weeks to live if I did not get my left kidney removed. I was suffering from kidney disease and didn't even know it. I was so accustomed to living with pain that I was still working full time to house and feed myself, I didn't realise I was working myself to death, literally. The healing journey was long, but it forced me to look at so many things I had learned earlier on with a more mature perspective of not needing to do something for others but doing them for myself. I realised I needed to heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Through a series of life-changing moments, meeting the right people at the right time and discovering Psychotherapy, I knew that if I felt this way and had gone through all of this, there too must be others tired of hustling for their worth day in and day out.


With the help and support of my now-husband, I was able to put all the things I had collected along the way that served me best into this, into this one streamlined platform. Finally, a medium I can share with others so that you too can realise that you are not alone, you do not have to please those f*ckers, you are here to live for you and you alone. 


As I continue to spend this life educating and broadening my chalice of knowledge, skills and practices, I ask you to take my hand and let's walk this life together, creating a new wave of women. Women who uplift, nurture and support one another... Women who know their magick and are powerful bad ass revolutionary Queens.

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I am so thrilled that you are here wanting to invest in you. The offerings within The Mystery School are unique and powerful opportunities for transformation and growth. Allow this medium to be the moment to go from wounds into wisdom.

- Brooke