the ritual

And so it begins...

The Art of Sacred Ritual holds the long-discarded shards of our stories, of our fears, of our hopes, of our desires, of our secrets and our intentions all, encompassed, together, as one unbroken complete circle.


Ritual takes these very aspects of our self and transmutes them into something sacred, something new. It is the physical act of Alchemy, it contains the adaptability and the strength, to hold and contain that which we can not with thought alone.


May you be seen, heard, valued and respected.

Blessed Be!



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The Course

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Awaken by The Ritual™ is an online Mystery School for Women to help deepen the understanding of self through the art of ritual and self-practice.

Led by The Rituals founder, Brooke Skinner, this Mystery School blends modalities of Meditation, Breathwork, Earth-Based Spirituality, Psychotherapy and Mentoring.


Delivered through down to earth, honest, no dogma, mentorship and divided into four foundational stages of awakening: The Mystery, The Mastery, The Reverence, The Awakening. Once you have worked your way through the foundations, there is a Vault of lectures, workshops, and kundalini yoga classes to help you reclaim your body, mind, and life as the empowered, revolutionary leader. All women are here to be.